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Recommended Makeup

This option was introduced in June of 2018, so not much data has been released other than the official Volks announcement online and in Volks News 79. Much like how collectors used to be able to order 'Natural' and 'Urban' syles, there will now be five set styles to choose from.

There are reports of style books being available for collectors to reference. These have several examples of each style for each head sculpt. This would be good, as it would improve communication between the collector and Volks's artists, and the collector would know exactly how their ordered Super Dollfie will look once it arrives at home.

When ordering, up to two things may be changed from the Recommended Makeup, at the discretion of Volks/your FCS advisor/ the artist. The examples the offical announcement gave were 'eyebrow color' and 'metallic eyeshadow'.

As an additional paid survice, a collector may come back and get an updated version of the Recommended Makeup. There may be stylistic changes over time, and an update may be wanted. Or, sometimes the makeup paint may chip or wear off over time, and a newly painted face might be in order. Volks gave the example that if you had a 'Girly Makeup' from 2018, you could pay for repainting the head in the 'Girly Makeup' style from 2020. Even if the head has been otherwise painted by the owner, Volks will still honor this new paid survice. However if there has been additive or subtractive modifications to the head, they will not paint the head again. The price for this is yet un-announced.

Thanks to Tenshi no Mon/ The Angel's Gate for the initial translations of the makeup style descriptions.

Girly Makeup

The Girly Makeup's theme is that of a happy young girl. Volk's makeup artist 'aone' is responsible for designing and supervising the style. Pink is used to brighten the lips and cheeks, and a neutral brown is used for the eyeshadow and eyebrows. The color brown will vary according to the skintone. This was designed as a neutral makeup that can match easily with many eye and wig colors.

Boys' Makeup

The Boys' Makeup theme is that of a nice, gentle boy. Volk's makeup artist 'Tsukimi' is responsible for designing and supervising the style. Thicker eyebrows are used. The lips are a more neutral expression than the Girly Makeup, but not sad or grumpy. Tsukimi notes that the lower eyelashes are not overly masculine, so the Boys' Makup could be used for a mature feeling girl. The color of the lips could be changed to achieve this, a one of the two changes allowed.

Ennui Makeup

Ennui is a French word that means "a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement". Volks's image of this is a girl with an other-worldly charm. Perhaps we are supposed to see the image of a heavily sighing daydreaming girl? Volk's makeup artist 'Ciera' is responsible for designing and supervising the style. The eyebrows are slightly lower than the Girly Makeup, making for a less happy expression. The lips and cheeks are shown in a darker shade of pink.

Animetic Makeup

Similiar to the "Animetic Eyes" sold on Volks USA's website, Animetic can simply be thought of as "Anime Style". Volk's makeup artist 'Saifa' is responsible for designing and supervising the style. The colors seem to correspond closely with Girly Makeup, but the eyebrows and eyelashes are painted much more simply to replicate the style of a 2D anime character. Saifa notes that simple changes to the eyebrows and lips will allow this style to suit many animated characters.

Dark Makeup

This makeup is based upon the image of a modern woman or a sleek gentleman. For a modern woman, this look has the "smokey eye" sort of eyeshadow. Volk's makeup artist 'Tsukimi' is responsible for designing and supervising the style. Darker colors like black and purple are used. The eyebrows are lowered even further than the Boys' Makeup, creating a cranky, serious, or grumpy expression. Tsukimi recommends adding smile lines or other modifications to the lips to use the Dark Markup for a woman.