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Welcome to Neo Angel Den’s Full Choice System section. This site is the revival of Cassiel’s “Creating Dreams”. The purpose of this site is to catalogue the changes and updates to Volks’s FCS for purposes of reference and archival. It is not intended to act as a shopping service. In fact, the proprietors live in the USA, and would be fairly unhelpful for such a task.

In 2017, Korea and Japan have “brick and mortar” services that can be used to order a very specific Super Dollfie with innumerable options available. The USA’s FCS service ended in March of 2014 with the closing of its retail store in Los Angeles, California. A Volks location still resides there, but only acts as local customer service, warehouse, and a place to pick up orders that are placed online.

In August of 2014, Volks USA began its North America only Online FCS. These are semi-monthly online order periods where a rotating, but much more limited variety of dolls can be chosen to customize. On average, around two basic body sizes, and around five heads for each body size can be chosen. Specific instructions cannot be given, all the choices are limited by an internet form. This limits the style of face-up to around two, and introduces an option to save on cost by not applying a face-up at all. This was the first time FCS heads were offered in this manner; since the cost wouldn’t change with a face-up or without at the physical services, most customers ordered one.

This site will continually be under construction, as long as Volks continues its FCS service. If you have more recent information regarding available FCS options, please email it to NingyoBINGO@gmail.com. Any help in creating a complete archive would be greatly appreciated.

Known things requiring updates: Wigs, Eyelashes, and Eyes. Currently searching for reliable information on what is available, what has been discontinued, and what has been released and when. Current data is mostly from 2012.

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•November 11th, 2023
Life keeps pushing on, but to Super Dollfie I return. Updates started a few weeks ago and were completed today: •January 25, 2020
I didn't intend to get behind, but between my laptop dying and other projects... I got behind. Today's updates include, but are not limited to: •April 1, 2017
No joking, the grand opening of Neo Angel Den. Updates include, but are not limited to: This was approximately three months of research to catch up on five years of data in Japanese, learning about css, php, and re-familiarizing with html. Thank you to Cassiel; if Creating Dreams didn't exist, I would have never have dreamed of taking on such a project. Thank you to Robodaz; I wouldn't have the hubris for this kind of madness without you. Thank you to Auromarshmallow for proofreading and keeping my spirits up in general.

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This site is intended as an informational resource only.