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What is FCS?

Volks Dream FCS is a special service occasionally offered to Volks customers. In comparison, normal FCS is always available at Volks shops and Online FCS is available approximately bi-monthly to North America. Also when Dream FCS is available, there is only a few slots available. Here's a few confirmed offerings of Dream FCS:

During the event in 2007, a report on the event noted that there was only three slots available, and these all filled up quickly. When the time came for those customers to order their dolls, they were taken to a special "grand room" reserved specially for Dream FCS.

What makes the Dream FCS a dream come true is that there is little to no limitations. Any model, even limited ones, can be ordered in any skin tone. In addition, you can choose which Volks Face-Up artist works on your doll. The prices listed in 2009 were 250,000 yen for Yo-SD, 480,000 yen for SD/SD13, and 550,000 yen for SD17. With current exchange rates (March 2017), that would be $2193, $4210, and $4824 USD, respectively. For this price, Sanding, UV coating, and Body Blushing are included. Also included is a Omukae Ceremony at Tenshi no Sato (Sei-Tenshi or Rei-Tenshi) and a lunch with Volks artists.

Past Dream FCS Dolls confirmed to have been ordered:

With so few occasions where Dream FCS was offered, and only being offered in Japan, there is scarce amounts of information about the process in English. If you know anything that can be added to this page feel free to email Ningyo BINGO.