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Note: As of the FCS Renewal in June 2018, there are now three options for makeup/ face-ups. Each now has a separate price point, as detailed in the 45cm Super Dollfie and 60cm Super Dollfie sections of this site. Collectors may now choose between No Makeup, Recommended Makeup, and Order Makeup. It's currently unknown what number designation ("M-??") Recommended Makeup is.

For the FCS Renewal in Sep/Oct/Nov 2008, the basic 'Natural' and 'Urban' choices were removed from all locations, including Sato and LA. The only options available from 2008 through June 2018 were either 'No Makeup' or 'Custom Makeup'. The introduction of 'Recommended Makeup' in 2018 hearkens back to this older way of ordering FCS makeup.

Another important note is that from the beginning of FCS until the FCS Renewal in June 2018, the cost of purchasing a doll was the same reguardless of whether 'No Makeup' or any sort of makeup option was chosen. It seems that the change followed in the footsteps of the North American Online FCS.

The M-04 page contains a very detailed description of how best to write your makeup specifications and what you must remember to include and is a must read if you are planning to order M-04 and are not sure how to go about describing what you want.