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Super Dollfie 16 Girl FCS

The SD16 Girl is one of the newest additions to FCS. It has only been regularly available though the North American Online FCS, and was first introduced for October of 2014. There was a limited period of time at Tenshi no Sato from June through August in 2016 that the SD16 Girls were available for normal FCS in Japan. Another limited order period occured in 2018 from June 17 through August 26. Another limited order period occured from November 20th, 2021 through January 31st, 2022. Ruby, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst were available.

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As the SD16 Girls were part of Online FCS, no wigs or welcoming outfits were available for them.

Price for SD16 Girls:
Online FCS: $726 USD before tax.
Japan Sato during Limited Order Period: 115,000 Yen. This includes makeup, unlike the above price.
Japan during 2021 Limited Order Period:126,500 Yen. This again included makeup.

Skintone Colour:
Note: Please see here for a very clear comparison of the three skintone colours available, with thanks to Leigh for the picture.
Extra Note: 'Normal' has occasionally been referred to as 'Fresh', and 'White' has occasionally been referred to as 'Snow' -- so if you come across these names elsewhere, that is what they are referencing. However 'Normal' and 'White' are the official Volks names for them. 'Sunlight' is occasionally called 'kasshoku' (褐色) by the Japanese fans (it literally just means 'brown') but is almost universally in Japanese and English simply called 'Sunlight'.
Extra Extra Note: SD16 Girls are the only FCS dolls that have had ebony skin available as an option. The SD16 Girl Ruby was the first Volks doll released in the ebony skin tone, so it is appropriate that it is an option for SD16 FCS. The color is darker than sunlight skin, but is not as dark as other resins that have been released by other leading BJD companies.Click here for a comparison of Sunlight and Ebony resin. The image is from anniedollz♥custom.

SC-01: Normal

SC-02: White

SC-03: Sunlight

SC-04: Ebony