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Body, Arms, Legs, and Feet

Body and Arms:
There is currently only one body available for the SD16 Girl. There are two sets of arms available. The Arm/Body combo designated as B-01 has the original arms that were released with the standard models. They are more angular at the shoulders, to emulate the look of a super model. The B-02 shoulders were introduced with SD16 Girls Megu and Kira in 2012. They have a more rounded shoulder to create a gentler, more feminine look.

Legs and Feet:
There are two sets of legs available for the SD16 girl. As the doll took many design inspiration from Western fashion dolls, the L-02 option has calves and feet that are all in one piece. The feet sculpted onto these legs are designed for high heels. The lack of an ankle joint on these high heel feet increases stability while wearing heels.

* Extras Option: It is possible to order up to one extra pairs of legs with each Online FCS, for a total of two pairs per FCS order. An additional pair of L-01 costs $187 USD and an additional pair of L-02 costs $88 USD. They can only be ordered in the same skintone of the doll being ordered.

SD16 Girl Normal Legs

SD16 Girl Heel Legs